Questions To Ask Your DUI Defense Attorney

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Suppose you have been arrested for the drunk driving. Now, whether you are innocent or not, you have to face the court with an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Now, the question is how to find one? It is quite difficult to find a good drunk driving lawyer in NJ these days but by following some small tricks and tips you will be able to find one. The best way, according to me, is a referral from someone who has already worked with them. In such cases, you can take help from any of your friends, relatives or colleagues who know a DUI defense lawyer. In case, none of your acquaintances know a good DUI lawyer then you can take help from the local BAR association.

Meeting an attorney is a very important thing. Asking these questions will assist you in choosing the right one.

    1. Do you have any specialization in DUI cases or do you handle all types of cases? Till now, how many DUI cases have you won? While the number of years practicing or the number of cases the attorney have handled till now does not necessarily prove the success if the DUI defense lawyer but the result of the cases is very significant. The DUI cases are very complicated and one single mistake can make the life of accused person very tough. For this reason, a DUI attorney specialized in DUI is very important.
    2. Will the lawyer I am hiring be the lawyer who actually handles all the procedures of my case? You surely, want to represent yourself in the court by an experienced attorney. However, the senior attorneys are part of large team and it offend happens that, a senior lawyer gives the consultation but other procedures are handles by junior lawyers.
    3. What certification or training do you have that makes you qualified for my case? Well, this is a very important question to ask. As you are hiring them, you have the right to know what certification or trainings they have regarding the DUI cases. At any point of the consultation, if you feel the lawyer does not have much experience in this field you have the right to choose another one for your case.
    4. Do you regularly appear in the court where I am charged? In most of the jurisdictions, here is multiple numbers of judges who have different policies as well as preferences. Hence, it is very important to make sure that the attorney you have hired are well acquainted with the preferences as well as the policies of the court,
    5. What will be your fee? Though a lot of the people do not worry about this at the beginning but it can be a very big issue in the end. For this reason, it is very important to know the total fee of the drunk driving lawyer in NJ.

You can always hire our experienced DUI defense lawyer for a better experience in the court.